our team


Jorden was a member of the original Pitt crew for a short time when Pitt Stop Signs opened up. He then moved away to finish college. In 2015, he graduated top of his class from the University of Wyoming with his Bachelor’s in History. He rejoined the Pitt crew in 2016. He is the customer-service and sales representative. Please do not hesitate to reach out to him at all and he will make sure that the Pitt crew does the work for you.


Carol Bryant is a 20+ year veteran graphic designer in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Creating arts from different mediums from childhood to her mid-30s she made the leap to the digital age in 1999 after being a CNC machinist for 10 years. When she' not at work (but still thinking of it) she can be found on her long arm machine doing quilts, scrap booking and wood working. She looks forward to new ideas and learning the newest trends in her field.


Slade is a designer and installation specialist at Pitt Stop. He is 19 years old, a volunteer firefighter, and attending Western Wyoming Community College. He feels that he has already grown and progressed in the few years that he has been with Pitt Stop. He looks forward to learning more as he continues his career and he has big dreams for the company. Watching ourselves grow as people is an incredible thing, but building and growing this brand is what he finds interesting.